Rustic Atmosphere

Join us for daily breakfast or use our kitchen to suit your schedule.

Amenities & Info

Washer & Dryer

Family Friendly

Mountain Views

52 inch Flat Screen TV & DVD

Private Entrance

Indoor Fireplace

Pet Friendly

2 SPA tubes

6 Twin-Beds Bedrooms or King-size Bedrooms

4 bathrooms with showers (two of them also a spa tub with Jets)

2 WCs

Fully equipped kitchen (fridge, freezer, oven, dishwasher, microwave, espresso machine, kettle, toaster, kitchen utensils)

Security system


Towels/ Bed linen

Football and volleyball field

Sun beds and umbrellas

Private swimming pool 40 sqm

Children’s’ pool 2,5x2m

Floor heating

High Speed Internet Access

Sleeps 12

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Room Rates

€ 55 person/night
  • Private en-suite bathroom
  • Top quality hotel-grade mattresses
  • Crisp white linen
  • Cosy down duvets
  • Minimum nights 7
  • Minimum persons 10
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€ 45 person / night
  • Private en-suite bathroom
  • Top quality hotel-grade mattresses
  • Crisp white linen
  • Cosy down duvets
  • Minimum nights 5
  • Minimum persons 10
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€ 35 person / night
  • Private en-suite bathroom
  • Top quality hotel-grade mattresses
  • Crisp white linen
  • Cosy down duvets
  • Minimum nights 5
  • Minimum persons 10
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Guest Reviews

We stayed in Villa Selena for 4 nights in early August. The house was great. Large open spaces, pool, 2 huge decks with beautiful views of the Sea in the distance. A big soccer/badmitten (sp?) field, surrounded by grapes and olive trees. The weather was hot and dry and we never had to turn on the air conditioning because the house has a perfect breeze passing through it all the time. The owner and the property manager were incredibly friendly. They brought us fresh baked goods, delicious gelato and sent us off with locally produced olive oil.
Martha S. Aug 14, 2011 Relaxing Getaway in Crete
We are an extended family of 10 (74 to 13 with 3 teenagers) who rented Villa Selena in late July. All we can say is WOW! On arrival Giannis (owner) met us at airport and had us follow him out to villa (so we wouldn't get lost). Cold wine and fresh fruit on our arrival.The Villa itself was marvelous. 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Very large kitchen and sitting/eating area, very large backyard with covered outdoor eating/sitting area (with a wind break). Lower front yard with a swimming pool. Daily maid service. Visit to a local wonderful winery and we arranged 2 meals to be prepared for us during our stay. Location is great - 23 km from airport and Iraklion and easy to get to other parts of island. At an elevation of 500 meters cooler than at sealevel. We really enjoyed our stay at Villa Selena and would highly recommend it for either a family or for a larger group of friends.
Hal W. Aug 20, 2012 A wonderful Villa in Crete
The Greek hospitality was evident throughout our stay with gifts of fruit, and the cleaner brought fresh bread every morning. The layout of the villa was very suitable for two families + grandparents and everything requested was provided except the pre-arrival shopping list. The villa is very spacious inside and out and attractively furnished. The nearby village has an excellent butcher and a small supermarket which can provide most needs. We did not avail ourselves of the catering facility at the villa but it was easy to barbeque and use the kitchen. Although the villa is well situated for exploring the north and south coast, as well as Heraklion and Knossos, we were content to spend time relaxing in the villa and garden.
Sallie C. Sep 03, 2012 Beautiful well-equipped villa, large grounds, spectacular views.

House Rules

– Normal Check In time starts at 14h00, but every effort will be made to accommodate earlier or later Check Ins (if arranged in advance). It is however, to drop off luggage prior to Check In if desired.
– Checkout time is before midday. Please tell us in advance if you require a later Checkout and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request.

Room keys on arrival
– During normal working hours the keys will be handed over to the guest after payment and administration. Special arrangements for key collection must be made for late arrivals.
Room keys on departure
– Please leave the room keys on the kitchen table. Guests do not have to lock the door on departure. However please close the door completely when leaving.
Room keys during long term stay
– Long term stay over guests must lock their rooms on their way out and keep their set of keys for the duration of stay.
Lost key or damage to locks
– The cost for replacement of lost room keys or damaged locks is applicable and a total amount of 30EUR for lost keys and 100EUR for lock replacement to be paid immediately.

– Breakfast is served in the dinning room area, or weather permitting, on the patio, between 09h00 and 11h00. If you require a different timing for Breakfast, please advise us on arrival.
The breakfast service as an extra fee of EUR 10,00 per day.

– Smoking is completely forbidden inside the house.
– Smoking is permitted outside the house, please use the ashtrays placed in the yard and barbecue area.

– There will be no refunds for early departures, for breakdowns of air conditioner, heater, appliances, etc, if said breakdown is due to weather and /or other conditions over which the house owner has no control.

Guest Rooms
– Please do not use flammables for heating, cooking or the like, irons candles, etc, in the guest room or corridors without the consent of the GuestHouse owner.
– Cooking, eating and storing food in the rooms is not allowed.
– Please do not use guest rooms for business activities or for any purposes other than accommodation use, without the consent of the GuestHouse owner.
Valuables, security and storage
– If needed a safe-deposit box is available in the GuestHouse for all guests.
– If staying in the dorm room lockers are available free of charge. The management is not responsible for lost items. Please lock the doors when you leave.
– Although the guesthouse management takes responsibles steps to ensure the safety and security of all guests and their possessions, guests retain final responsability for their own safety and security.
– Keep rooms locked at all times when absent.

Parking Lot
– Parking is available free of charge for all house guests. Do not park in the way of the electrical motorized gate when in a fully open or half way open position as it closes automatically after a few seconds.
– Do not leave any valuables inside your car while it is parked. The Blue Ocean GuestHouse cannot accept responsability for the loss or theft of any such articles while your car is parked.
– No cigarette buds, cotton buds, tampons, sanitary pads or any other material, other than toilet paper may be flushed down the toilet. Charges will occour for any blockage.

– Guests have no access to rooms and areas marked “PRIVATE”.

Common areas:
The living room, dinning room, kitchen, game room, swimming pool and barbecue are common areas of the house and guests are encouraged to use them to their need or recreation, nevertheless there are some rules to abide by:
– Guests are allowed to use this common area and its appliances i.e. LCD tv and cable TV.
– Eating and snacking in the living room is completly forbiden.
– Should be kept as you’ve found it nice and tidy. If by any chance you notice any dirt please inform the owner.
– Avoid making noise or disturbing the other house guests, musical instruments, radios, televisions, stereos, and/or any other source of amplified sound shall be played at a volume that shall not disturb or annoy other guests we shall pay particular attention to limiting noise between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. , we also request the guests to restrain from making any noise outside the building, in the courtyard or directly in front of the building.
– Please use this common area to have your meals, preparation and cooking should be conducted in the kitchen area.
– Stove shall be clean and free of food and grease.
– Refrigerator shall be clean. Freezer door shall close properly and freezer shall have no more than one inch of ice. Freezer shall not be over-packed so that sufficient room is allowed for air circulation.
– Cabinets shall be clean and neat. Cabinet surfaces and countertop shall be free of grease and spilled food. Cabinets shall not be overloaded. Storage under the sink shall be limited to small or lightweight items to permit access for repairs.
– Exhaust Fan shall be free of grease and dust.
– Sink shall be clean, free of grease and garbage. Dirty dishes shall be washed and put away in a timely manner. Please put back into place all dishes, utensils, etc, properly cleaned after use.
– Food storage areas shall be neat and clean without spilled food. Label your food in the refrigerator. Anything not labeled and in non-consumable condition, excluding condiments that are still in consumable condition, will be disposed of.
– Trash/garbage shall be stored in a covered container until removed to the collection containers.
– Cooking oils or grease shall not be disposed of down the kitchen drain.
– Garbage disposal, if any, shall be used only in accordance with the disposal instructions.
– Please label your food in the refrigerator. Anything not labeled and in non-consumable condition, excluding condiments that are still in consumable condition, will be disposed of.
– The kitchen includes a refrigerator, microwave, coffee and teapot, and limited dishes, glasses, and utensils for light meal preparation. Please clean up immediately after yourself.
– There is also a small washer/dryer available for light loads in the kitchen area, for houseguest use only.
– All guests are allowed to use this common area. Everything should be put back into place after use.
– The pool is at your disposal from 08h00 until 20h00. You must arrange with the Management for access to the pool outside of these hours.
– Guests may use the pool on their on risk;
– No children are allowed near the pool without adult supervision;
– Keep the pool area neat and clean at all times;
– Keep noise level at the pool area low as other guests rooms are situated directly above the pool;
– Please inform kids not to urinate in the pool water (let us keep the pool hygienic for other guest as well);
– If you’re part of a group stay, try to maintain occupancy time & rate at acceptable levels as the other guests may also want to enjoy the pool.
– Keep the barbecue area clean. After use leave it as you’ve found it;
– Use proper starter fluid;
– Store the can of starter fluid out of reach of children and away from heat sources;
– Never leave the barbecue unattended once it has been lit;
– Keep children and pets away from the barbecue area. Consider a three-foot “kid-free zone” around the barbecue;
Pets are allowed provided that the pet owner agree to the following conditions:
– The pet is house broken, flea free, not prone to shedding, and not prone to damaging property;
– Pets are not allowed on the furniture or beds, unless a protective cover is used provided by guest. There is an extra pet cleaning fee if evidence of excessive pet hair is found in the guesthouse;
– The cost to repair any damage done by a guest’s pet, such as chewing furniture, staining carpet (pet urine) will be charged against the guest’s credit card and/or deducted from the damage deposit, and the guest will be charged for carpet cleaning, odor removal, etc.;
– Waste removal – guests must pick up after their pet does it’s business;
– All pets must be under the complete control of a responsible guest, and must be on a hand-held leash at all times when not in a fenced yard. The guest agrees NOT to leave pet(s) alone TO ROAM FREELY THROUGHOUT THE GUESTHOUSE;
– We do not limit pet size or breed, however aggressive or unruly dogs are not welcome for the safety of other guests and children in the area. If we receive one or more complaints regarding barking or aggressive pet behavior, the guest, with their pet will be asked to eave with forfeiture of all rents and security deposit;
– The guest agrees to monitor pet’s noise so that the pet(s) DO NOT DISTURB house guests, and certifies that pet(s) will be under the complete control of a responsable human companion and on a hand-held leash at all times when outdoors.

Your Liabilities
– We will hold you responsible for any damage or loss caused to our property by your acts or omissions, default, accident or neglect. By booking with us you agree to indemnify us and to pay us on demand an amount reasonably required to make good or to rectify such damage or loss caused by you. Normal wear and tear are excluded.
– Please report any accidents or incidents to the guest house management in connection with any property damage.

General incapacity
– The Selena Country House cannot be held liable if any of the following events or conditions prevents the guest house from fulfilling its obligation to guests. However, the guest house will take necessary steps to minimize disruption and discomfort to guests under these conditions:
* Unanticipated interruption to electricity, water, sewage to and from the guest house;
* Industrial actions, civil uprising or criminal activity;
* Fire, frost, flooding, wind or any other force major event.
Because we have several guests, we ask you to respect each other concerning cleanliness of the common areas and noise level. If we receive complaints, you will be given a warning. Further complaints are subject to the termination of stay. We reserve the right to end a reservation if a guest becomes a disturbance/nuissance to others including management.
Please respect the house and its occupants.
Environmental Policy
– The owners of Selena Country House are dedicated to the protection of our planets resources and would encourage our guests to help us by:
* Switching off lights when not in use;
* Ensuring that taps are always turned off after use;
* Avoiding the unnecessary use of towels – just use what you need!;
* We will sort the recyclable rubbish collected from guest rooms i.e. paper, plastic, metal and glass;
* We thank you in advance for your comprehension and co-operation.